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I would like him to put my wife's panties over my face and squirt like he did on yours.

Loved the craziness of this clip. Like sfvcat said - would have been amazing to see you wearing the panties first then putting the crotch over you face inside out. I say inside out cos' then to make it truly awesome you could put them back on and sit about in all that lovely man goo. This vid is great stuff non the less , so keep posting this super sexy stuff. So hot! It would be even better with sound and to see you wearing the panties with the crotch over your face so you could smell and taste yourself as you jacked hubby off. Ahh! Can't believe we never commented before.Been a favorite for years! You're the panty facial pioneer. So many loads have been lost to this vid. Hot :P. I would love to add my cum to your face, im a BIG fan of yours. I love all your videos, seen you on TT also :) This might make the perfect Halloween costume. You could trick or treat for a few loads.